[Wine]Wine "built-in" substitutes for "Naturals"

David Curry dsccable at comcast.net
Mon Feb 28 23:33:35 CST 2005

Hello, everyone.  I have a rather basic question I hope someone on the 
list can answer.

Has the wine project, or any other group, developed an alternative to 
substitute for DCOM98.EXE and a few of the other frequently encountered 
MicroSoft Corp. .exe files?  Thus far, I have tried to install two 
different U.S. federal income tax filing prepartion software packages 
through wine, but installation has failed unless I install DCOM98.EXE 
and a few other MicroSoft files.  I have those files (and everything 
else that came as part of a Windows 98 operating system), but I would 
rather not use any of it.

Is it possible to run applications in wine without the DCOM.EXE and 
similar files?

Thanks for your input.

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