[Wine]dlls - still a newbie

David L. Smith smithfamily at oswego.net
Sat Jan 1 03:03:40 CST 2005

I'm very confused as usual.

I have an NTFS/Linux dual boot. I usually run from kde.
If I understand correctly, wine, when it runs a program will 
1. see it ask for a function in a dll
2. check up in the config file for that dll and note if native or built-in or 
nothing has been noted.
3. from there, it will either use built-in, or native file in the order 

So, if I install and app, "blah", I need to:
1. Figure out all dlls that are needed.
2. Make sure that I have all those needed dlls in the .wine/.../windows/system 
(but not sys32?) folder. If necessary, I need to dig it up from my winnt 
directory and copy it over to the .wine directory.
3. Go to the config file and make sure that all the dlls are in it. If 
necessary, say some of the dlls are built-in and others are native for this 
app. I figure this last part has some points that I'm missing right now, but 
I need to get the main points straight.
4. If not in the config file, I need to add them in. I'm fairly sure I won't 
need to ever add a built-in dll, but will need to add some of the native 

What if the dll resides in the Program Files folder? I believe I still have to 
put it into the config file.

Right now, most of the apps that I have attempted to install are:
1. Failed attempts. Dies dead on install.
2. Installed or failed in installed and got working anyhow but with major 
problems that render them unusable.
3. Success or partial success but with later problems coming up that renders 
them unusable. One of this last worked partially in gnome as it used to in 
kde. It now comes up in kde as a maximized as a very small window and then 

By the way, I downloaded winetools, but I don't want to use any of the 
programs that it is supposed to set up. Neither do I know what that bit about 
the base directory means and see no reason for having one if I won't be using 
any of the other programs. Am I missing even more than I suspect?

David L. Smith

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