[Wine]dlls - still a newbie

Scott Ritchie scott at open-vote.org
Sat Jan 1 03:44:21 CST 2005

Most of the DLLs that Wine uses are stored in a global shared directory
for the system, and not in the fake windows drive Wine creates.  If Wine
can't find them locally, Wine will look in its own folder. Simply try
installing and running the app without doing anything special before
mucking around with non-Wine DLLs.

-Scott Ritchie

On Sat, 2005-01-01 at 03:03 -0600, David L. Smith wrote:
> I'm very confused as usual.
> I have an NTFS/Linux dual boot. I usually run from kde.
> If I understand correctly, wine, when it runs a program will 
> 1. see it ask for a function in a dll
> 2. check up in the config file for that dll and note if native or built-in or 
> nothing has been noted.
> 3. from there, it will either use built-in, or native file in the order 
> written.
> So, if I install and app, "blah", I need to:
> 1. Figure out all dlls that are needed.
> 2. Make sure that I have all those needed dlls in the .wine/.../windows/system 
> (but not sys32?) folder. If necessary, I need to dig it up from my winnt 
> directory and copy it over to the .wine directory.
> 3. Go to the config file and make sure that all the dlls are in it. If 
> necessary, say some of the dlls are built-in and others are native for this 
> app. I figure this last part has some points that I'm missing right now, but 
> I need to get the main points straight.
> 4. If not in the config file, I need to add them in. I'm fairly sure I won't 
> need to ever add a built-in dll, but will need to add some of the native 
> files.

> blessings,
> David L. Smith
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