[Wine]dlls - still a newbie

Stefan Munz stefan.munz at itomig.de
Sat Jan 1 08:19:55 CST 2005

Am Samstag, 1. Januar 2005 14:03 schrieb David L. Smith:
> On Saturday 01 January 2005 03:44, Scott Ritchie wrote:
> > Most of the DLLs that Wine uses are stored in a global shared directory
> > for the system, and not in the fake windows drive Wine creates.  If Wine
> > can't find them locally,
> Please define locally. Hmmm. For that matter, could you define "global
> shared"?
> "Global shared" calls to my mind a directory that all wine apps can use,
> but that is what the fake windows drive is on real windows (I think). So
> you seem to be saying that the fake system directory is not being used.
> That aside, both are local - that is, not on a network. You may be saying
> that wine is looking first in neither, but rather the built-ins internal to
> it, I guess, when you imply that Wine looks locally. Or are the built-ins
> in the global shared directory and that is local?

- wine uses a global dir where it holds the builtin dlls (the global shared 

- all native dlls are in the fake win (system) or program dir (which I assume 
is local in this context). 

maybe it helps understanding this concept if you know that you can use more 
than one .wine (fake win) dir. and that you also can use a specific app in 
your .wine dir with more than one wine version (for test purposes). 
the seperation of native and builtin dlls allows you to do this without copy 
any file into your .wine dir.



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