[Wine]dlls - still a newbie

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Sat Jan 1 11:34:58 CST 2005

David L. Smith wrote:
> I'm very confused as usual.
> I have an NTFS/Linux dual boot. I usually run from kde.
> If I understand correctly, wine, when it runs a program will 
> 1. see it ask for a function in a dll
> 2. check up in the config file for that dll and note if native or built-in or 
> nothing has been noted.
> 3. from there, it will either use built-in, or native file in the order 
> written.
> So, if I install and app, "blah", I need to:
> ...

I think you are trying to make this way too complicated. In general, you 
should never care what DLLs the application uses. In most cases, Wine 
will work just fine without any config file at all. This assumes you are 
using a current version of Wine, and that is something that you should 
be doing.

> What if the dll resides in the Program Files folder? I believe I still have to 
> put it into the config file.

You should not be putting any DLL entries in the config file, except in 
certain special cases. Trying to figure out whether a DLL override is 
needed for a particular application is somewhat of a black art. But the 
general method is, if an application breaks at about the same time a 
"fixme" method is printed out, then you might want to try a native 
version of that particular DLL. You should make DLL overrides 
application specific; that is with entries like:
"ole32" = "native"

The one exception might be that in general, a native Windows msvcrt.dll 
is almost always better than the Wine version, so go ahead and install 
that DLL and add a global override for it.

> Right now, most of the apps that I have attempted to install are:
> 1. Failed attempts. Dies dead on install.
> 2. Installed or failed in installed and got working anyhow but with major 
> problems that render them unusable.
> 3. Success or partial success but with later problems coming up that renders 
> them unusable. One of this last worked partially in gnome as it used to in 
> kde. It now comes up in kde as a maximized as a very small window and then 
> dies.

With most apps? What apps are you trying to install? There is currently 
a significant amount of work going on with installers. Installers tend 
to be the most difficult thing for Wine to handle. Use the latest Wine 
version if you are not already.

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