[Wine]WineTools 2.0.8 released

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Sat Jan 1 13:28:45 CST 2005

On Sat, 1 Jan 2005 18:02:24 +0100, Joachim von Thadden <thadden at web.de> wrote:
> Am Fr, Dez 31, 2004 at 10:34:42 -0800 schrieb Mark Knecht:
> > Happy New Year's Eve to you too? (Or are you very far east?)
> City of Berlin. So for now and everybody: Happy New Year!
> > OK, so I'm trying it out. In this account I have a Transgaming
> > installation, but no Wine installation. (I.e. - no .wine directory) I
> > start winetools in a terminal and see:
> I have no installation of Transgamings Cedega so I never tested it. It
> is likely to fail!

Sorry. I wasn't clear. I don't want WineTools to do anything to the
Cedega setup. I was jsut stating that it was on the machine. Nothing
more. It has it's own directory stucture that WineTools doesn't know
about. This is fine.

> > [mark at Godzilla mark]$ wt
> > ls: /home/mark/.wine/dosdevices/: No such file or directory
> > Wine wine: creating configuration directory '/home/mark/.wine'...
> > wine: '/home/mark/.wine' created successfully.
> > 20041019
> > /usr/local/bin/wt: line 24: cd: /home/mark/.wine/c/: No such file or directory
> > wine is executed as "setarch i386 wine"
> > Parameters are ""
> > /usr/local/bin/wt: line 1445: [: too many arguments
> > Version of Wine is OK.
> > Calls to wine are executed as "setarch i386 wine".
> > Config is /home/mark/.wine/winetools.log.
> > CDROM is .
> This looks good. wt starts Wine to find out it's version. As you did not
> use it before for this user, Wine creates a .wine directory. The error
> is not known by me and I can not find a reason but it might be because
> of your setup.

OK. If you are interested in looking at it then create a completely
new user on your system and just run from there as someone would using
WineTools for the first time before running Wine. If you see the error
great. If not I'll look again here.

I can also try running Wine before running WineTools to let Wine to
the initial setup if you prefer. My hope would be to document the
preferred way in your README.

> > At this point I want to install IE6SP1. Is your download in German or English?
> It's in German for now. If you want to have different version supported,
> send me an email with name, version, language and exact download
> location of the software. For now just download it on your own to your
> *home* directory , start wt, select "Base setup", "IE6" and say "no" if
> you are asked to use the default file. Point to the downloaded file and
> say no to the question about mounting a CD. You should be able to
> install IE6 SP1.

I did this, or thought I did, but it didn't run. The file I downloaded is:

[mark at Godzilla mark]$ ls -al ie6*
-rw-rw-r--  1 mark mark 491768 Dec 31 11:30 ie6setup.exe
[mark at Godzilla mark]$

When I told WineTools to run this it started but then just hung and
never moved forward. I eventually quit as I had other things to do.

Does this file look right? Is it the right size, etc? It's not IE6
itself, but some download program that goes and gets IE6. Is this what
you wanted me to find and download? I got it from M$'s site.

This is going to be a great tool and a big help I think. I tried this
some time ago when I found it on Frank's site. Your updates are very
good and helpful to new user types like me.


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