[Wine]WineTools 2.0.8 released

John McKee jmmckee at flinthills.com
Sat Jan 1 14:42:18 CST 2005

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Am Fr, Dez 31, 2004 at 09:23:43 -0600 schrieb John McKee:
> I downloaded winetools a week or two ago.  VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!


> But, I do not know if it is an older version or the one referred to in the
> subject  of this thread.

The right version can be downloaded from

> I renamed my existing .wine directory and ran wt.  IE install errored off,

As the README tells you you have first go through the whole "Base
setup". This is very important for everything to work.

> I do not recall the specif error.  I am afraid the only way to regenerate
> that situation would be to delete .wine and start again, including the
> lengthy download (dialup connection) of IE.  I will do that if that is
> helpful.

The actual WineTools can save the downloaded files. It asks you for that
after installation of IE6.


After I posted my message, I saw that the winetools version was in the name of the download itself.  Should have looked there first.  I downloaded the 2.0.8 version, deleted the .wine directory again, installed winetools, and ran wt.  I did base install, including dcom98.  When I got to the IE portion, it did dawn on me that I did have IE6 SP1 (English) on CD.  Just had to find the thing.  After several attempts to install before I found, by trial and error, the right place to start on /mnt/cdrom, IE installed with no aborts during the install itself.

Now, notepad and sol work.  But, IE won't.  I get a large number of errors.  I could not recall the syntax needed to redirect properly to a file, so I copied from the terminal session and pasted.  I don't have all the lines, but about 385 of them.  That file is attached.

John McKee

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