[Wine]dlls - still a newbie

David L. Smith smithfamily at oswego.net
Sun Jan 2 05:54:55 CST 2005

Duane Clark wrote:
>I think you are trying to make this way too complicated. In general, you 
should never care what DLLs the application uses

I agree.
But only one of the apps that I have installed before winetools worked.

Thank you Stefan for your good info. I'm glad to see that there was a ray of 
truth in my usual dark understanding.

And for Joachim:
WineTools worked, and I figure because of the dlls it brought in, so did wine. 
Dunno, of course. I was able to install one thing that I wasn't able to 
install before. I'll continue installing other things when I can. Thanks.
Two bellyachins, though. One is that the installation of IE failed. I received  
two messages about a wineserver laying around for 600 seconds. I was afraid 
to do anything about the first, but eventually clicked the close box button. 
When it came up again I hit the okay button. At that time I got a message 
that the installation failed. People like me tend to panic, but I somehow 
managed not to stop the download (one and a half hours if my guess at the 
German was correct). Later ran install again and somehow pressed the right 
buttons and it worked. Assuming that message box shuts off the wineserver & 
installation if one presses the okay button, why not add "don't click 'okay' 
if the installation is in a long download."
And for the second growl, I don't want to hurt your feelings, sir, but putting 
IE on my linux feels like giving someone AIDS to cure their allergies. I did 
it, but I'll be looking over my shoulder a lot.

Finally, I was not able to run another install. pstree shows a sleeping 
wine-preloader, which winetools marked as defunct but wouldn't kill it. I 
cannot kill the thing. Gave it kill 15, 9 and waved a clove of garlic but it 
still wouldn't go away. Winetools wouldn't kill it either. (Not blaming 
wineTools - assuming wine had the problem)
Am I:
1. Missing/forgetting something simple in the manuals?
2. Not using the wrong kill signal or garlic variety?
3. Needing to reboot linux?
4. Don't worry about it?

David L. Smith

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