[Wine]Running DC++ 0.668 with wine-20041201

Cedric cedric.dewijs at tiscali.nl
Sun Jan 2 10:43:02 CST 2005

Hi all,

First of all, Thank jou guys for making windows programs run on linux! I've 
been searching for a Direct Connect client that works in windows and linux. 
The solution was to run DC++ on top of wine.

At first DC++ crashed a lot, but after disabling the 'progress bars for 
transfer' at advanced options dc++ keeps running.

There are however a few things that doesn't work perfectly yet:
The public hub list: can't be sorted, and wine spits out this line:
err:listview:LISTVIEW_WindowProc unknown msg 1051 wp=44f01724 lp=00413593
The list of actual down/uploads at the bottom of the screen however can be 
sorted. I guess there are two different pieces of code handling sorting

when i set it to fullscreen (1280x1024,KDE 3.3.2) the aria on the upper-right 
isn't updated, the contens of the screen below it is shown (for instance a 
xmms screen)

after i search something, i make the coloms smaller and then bigger again. 
Some of the text isn't updated then. after i scroll the list, the text is 

there is a way to let DC++ crash, it imvolves closing connections by 
right-clicking on somebody i'm downloading from. I have no more details on 
that, as i didn't want DC++ to crash :)

As reference here's the complete console output of wine running DC++, I hope 
there's something usefull in there.


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