[Wine]WineTools 2.0.8 released

Joachim von Thadden thadden at web.de
Sun Jan 2 14:31:24 CST 2005

Am So, Jan 02, 2005 at 01:57:50 -0600 schrieb John McKee:
> I'm still missing something here.  I downloaded and installed
> WineTools 2.0.9.  Then, I went into Base setup and ran the first three
> steps, in order (Create fake windows directory, install Trutype fonts,
> install dcom).  All worked well.  Going to the install of IE is where
> I have problems.  I have a CD from Microsoft with IE6 SP1.  When I put
> the Cd into the drive, it is automounted by Linux.  Using WineTools,
> when I select the English version install of IE, WineTools proceeds to
> attempt to download IE.  So, I select to not use the default.  That
> leaves me attempting to pick where on the CD mount tree to start.
> What is the appropriate place there?  I have tried a number of
> directories, but always get the error that  the install has failed.
> Can IE be installed from the CD?  If so, what is WineTools looking for
> when it fails?

Sorry, as I don't know your CD I can not answer that. WineTools executes
the file you points it to. It should be something like "ie6setup.exe".
But it's better you use the builtin download of the english version.
That setup is tested and should work.

> Also, Wine reports that /dev/mixer1 does not exist, with err: as
> preface.  But, the device does exist in /dev.  This happens when I ran
> any wine command and also when WinwTools starts - even when the first
> three stpes have been completed.

This is normal as you might only have one mixer in your soundcard.

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