[Wine]Program requires NVIDIA driver

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Mon Jan 3 20:01:44 CST 2005

Adam D wrote:
>  --- Hiji <hijinio at yahoo.com> wrote: 
>>If you're willing to experiment, have you tried
>>installing the NVIDIA drivers?  As Joachim
>>you can't use Windows drivers; however, the program
>>may simply be checking for the appropriate files.
>>Can you use OpenGL?
> Thanks Hiji for encouraging me to continue. Naturally,
> I enjoy experimenting. Anyway, I have never used
> OpenGL. Regarding NVIDIA drivers, I don't know how to
> install them in wine. I just copied the drivers to the
> corresponding location on drive_c. Didn't touch any
> config file yet. Maybe it's a lost cause but I'm
> willing to learn how to insert or install drivers in
> the right spot. It will certainly help me deal with
> other kind of installation.
> Adam

Adam, I don't think Hiji meant you should install the nVidia drivers for 
Linux under Wine; rather, I expect he was asking if you have them 
installed in your distribution's installation. The "appropriate files" 
Hiji referred to are the 3D acceleration files provided by the driver 
under either Windows (if you were using Windows), or under Linux (for 
which nVidia also makes drivers available).

It's quite possible that you may be using drivers that do not provide 
any support for the 3D hardware acceleration of your card; therefore 
your card does not have OpenGL available to it, in which case, even if 
your program can use it, it can't find it (or any of the files that 
would indicate that 3D hardware acceleration is available to the 
display), which may be why your program isn't working.

This may not be what's going on, but it would be the first thing to 
check-- are you using either the "nv" (nVidia opensource kernel driver) 
or "nvidia" (closed source drivers available from the nVidia website or 
possibly your distribution's repositories/CD) drivers? If not, you 
should install them (check the nVidia website, I'm sure they have 
install instructions there).

Hope this helps.

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