[Wine]Program requires NVIDIA driver

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Mon Jan 3 20:43:46 CST 2005

Adam D wrote:
> Thanks Holly for the info. Here's the current
> situation regarding my NVIDIA:
> - I have both drivers for 98 and XP,
> - No drivers for Linux yet, no nvidia, no nv,
> - Just downloaded NVIDIA-FreeBSD-x86-1.0-6113.tar.gz
> and I'm still struggling with the readme/installation
> file. Quite complicated though!
> I think I need to do more reading before using any
> make install. It will be rather nice to do things
> manually.
> Adam

Did I miss the part where you said this was all occurring under FreeBSD? 
That's a whole different kettle of fish, afaik (and one that I know 
nothing about, sorry).


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