[Wine]need help

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Tue Jan 4 10:46:26 CST 2005

Devi wrote:
> hi
> I am trying to install symbian in Redhat Linux machine.I am following the
> steps given in the link  http://gnupoc.sourceforge.net/HOWTO/ for Nokia
> 9210.i have win98 as dual os and configured wine as mentioned.
> while running helloworld example,helloworld.armi is having  a command like
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
>   wine -- $(EPOCROOT)/epoc32/tools/petran.exe 
> $(EPOCBLDUREL)/HelloWorld.app $@ \
>                  -nocall -uid1 0x10000079 -uid2 0x100039ce -uid3 0x10008ab0
>         $(ERASE) $(EPOCBLDUREL)/HelloWorld.app
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> it gave an error 'wine -- command not found'.so i changed the command to
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
>   wine  $(EPOCROOT)/epoc32/tools/petran.exe  
> $(EPOCBLDUREL)/HelloWorld.app $@ \
>                  -nocall -uid1 0x10000079 -uid2 0x100039ce -uid3 0x10008ab0
>         $(ERASE) $(EPOCBLDUREL)/HelloWorld.app
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> will it make any difference in the result.
> regards
> devi

OK, I just replied and -- ignore me. I looked at it again, and realized 
that there's no command so much following the wine -- part. There is an 
application called, but (assuming that Wine even knows the result of the 
$EPOCROOT variable (which it may or may not), if the .exe needs to then 
do the remaining functions, there are a bunch of issues, I think:

1. Spaces in the script (syntax issue 1, since Linux doesn't so much 
like spaces and you haven't told it that this is a script);

2. no indicator that the following script is a parameter that should be 
used by the application (syntax issue 2, but I could be wrong about that);

3. Variables that may or may not be available to the application (are 
these variables actually set somewhere that both Wine and the 
application know about)? (syntax issue 3)

4. Wine syntax itself. What version of Wine are you using, and is "wine 
-- application" the correct syntax for this version? It did change at 
some point, iirc.

I would actually be more likely to try to write this up as a BASH script 
to get it to run, if it has all these steps in it, as I'm not completely 
sure that just slapping it on the command line is possible to work 
anyway. But I don't have a Nokia phone, and I'm no programmer, so I 
could be wrong.

I've also looked at this how to, and I'm not completely certain that you 
are intended to try to run helloworld example anyway-- there are a 
couple of mentions about running petran.exe under Wine, but not in this 
context-- and what is the point of doing so anyway?

Are you able to run the actual symbian functions and the Nokia software 
you're trying to run?


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