[Wine]minor disaster

David L. Smith smithfamily at oswego.net
Wed Jan 5 10:30:02 CST 2005

Somehow my .config ended up with zero bytes. The only things I can think of 
happening is looking at it in WineTools, and perhaps failing to install a 
program. Any ideas? The last time it had something in it was yesterday when I 
looked at it in WineTools, then this morning it had nothing in it. But I 
don't remember if it was before or after trying to install something. I just 
thought that wt was messed up, and had to go somewhere else. How do I get a 
dead config file back (includes the backup, btw) without reinstalling 
Oh, and I added a bunch of drives in dosdevices. I noticed that the d: drive 
was flashing red at the time, but do not know what that means.

1. What did I do wrong.
2. What do I do now?

David L. Smith

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