[Wine]wine+ie only "some" site

Eli Spizzichino ml at javanet.info
Thu Jan 6 12:16:36 CST 2005

I just need to know to someone here using wine+ie if is able to display 
google. that's because I see certain site and other not and the site I'm 
testing is one of the not. blank page on console I see
err: x11drv: X11DRV_CreateBitmap Trying to make bitmap with planes=1, 
hpp=32 msn.com loads though google and other not.
wine 20041201 on gentoo, I used the sidenet install script (silent 
option) and ie6.00.2800.1106 was installed
  It have many other gliches, like it stuck on open a new window, no utf 
char, scrolling is impossible etc, but at least display the some page ! :((


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