[Wine]Has anybody tried to program MSP430 microcontrollers from TI?

Cedric cedric.dewijs at tiscali.nl
Thu Jan 6 11:38:05 CST 2005

Hi all, 

I'm rappedly moving away from windows, but one of the last programs i need to 
run in windows is 'IAR Embedded Workbench (Kickstart Version)'

I've tried to run it some time ago (i think about 2 months back) in wine, but 
it didn't work so well back then. I haven't tried it with newer versions 
since then.

I need that program so i can program my msp430 microcontroller. If anybody 
knows a way to program / debug those in linux i would be very interested 

So therefore i wonder how many people have tried to run it also. Maybe 
somebody even managed to get it running! (If so, Please tell me how :-)

The download link for anybody who wants to play with this:

Looking forward to read any reply:)

Greetz, cedric

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