[Wine] many fixme errors

postit at weiglwelt.de postit at weiglwelt.de
Thu Jan 6 11:52:02 CST 2005


I want to use TTQV (a GPS-Program) with wine, but I won't run.
I am using Wine 20040914 under Debian (Sarge).

A short description what I did:

mkdir .wine
cp -r /usr/share/wine/skel/* ~/.wine

I copied mfc40.dll and vb6de.dll from a win98-Installation.
I inserted into ~/.wine/config:

When I start the Installation program, it runs okay
wine /archiv/Software/win/Any/GPS/TTQV3/qv3www_d.exe >

but I have many errors on stdout:
sort /tmp/Fehlermeldungen | uniq -c
      2 fixme:ntdll:TIME_GetTZAsStr Can't match system time zone name
to an entry in TZ_INFO
      2 fixme:ntdll:TIME_GetTZAsStr  Please add appropriate entry to
and submit as patch to wine-patches
    986 fixme:ole:ITypeInfo_fnRelease destroy child objects
      4 fixme:ole:MSFT_ReadValue BSTR length = -1?
      1 fixme:ole:OLEPRO32_DllRegisterServer not implemented
     76 fixme:ole:RegisterTypeLib Registering non-oleautomation
      1 fixme:ole:SLTG_ProcessDispatch memh.cbExtra is 552
      1 fixme:ole:SLTG_ProcessDispatch memh.cbExtra is 982
      2 fixme:ole:SLTG_ProcessDispatch offset 0 0x4a
      6 fixme:shell:Stream_WriteLocationInfo writing empty location info
      1 Invoking /usr/lib/wine/wine.bin 
/archiv/Software/win/Any/GPS/TTQV3/qv3www_d.exe ...

Now my first question: 
How "serious" are these errors? Are they vital? How do I get rid of

When I start the actual program, it does nothing und exits right away
with 3 error messages:
wine .wine/c/Program\ Files/TTQV3/Ttqv3a.exe
Invoking /usr/lib/wine/wine.bin .wine/c/Program Files/TTQV3/Ttqv3a.exe
fixme:ole:CoRegisterMessageFilter stub
fixme:ole:CoRegisterMessageFilter stub
Wine exited with a successful status

I let it run with different WINEDEBUG=... but I can't figure out, 
what is wrong. I also tried dcom98.exe und vbrun60sp5.exe but couldn't
any improvement.

What else could I try to get it to work?

I read "How to help get applications working" guide on the WineHQ
Is it time to report some bugs now?


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