[Wine]Re: Space Empires: Starfury problems

Adam Babcock adam at nemesys.ca
Thu Jan 6 15:07:16 CST 2005

Duane Clark wrote:
> I will start out by saying I don't really know much about Direct Draw 
> and DirectX in Wine (or in Windows for that matter). My general 
> impression from lurking on the wine-devel list is that DirectX 8 support 
> was fairly far along about two months ago. At that point, work started 
> on DirectX 9, and the work was such that it would likely break some 
> DirectX things. You might want to check out some discussion of this:
> http://www.winehq.org/?issue=244#Direct3D%209%20Work
> http://www.winehq.org/?issue=253#Direct3D%209
> If the above comments are completely unrelated to your problem (a 
> distinct possibility) then just ignore them ;)
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Hmmm, never thought of that, I'll look into that, try a snapshot from
before the merged dx9 patches when I get a chance. Thanks!

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