[Wine]Goldwave 5

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Fri Jan 7 02:18:45 CST 2005

Leon Kackman wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am relatively new to Linux and wine and I am trying to run an audio 
> editing software called Goldwave 5.06 (version 4.26 works relatively 
> well). 5.06 installs ok but when I go to run it I get the following error:
> "Driver does not support 16 bit colour depth or visual buffer could not 
> be created. Visual disabled."

This suggests to me that you have an ATI card and are using the 
closed-source ATI binary drivers to run it.

If that is the case, you have a problem, because the currently-available 
ATI drivers only run in 24-bit (which is the same as 32-bit under 
Windows). There is no way around this until new drivers become available 
(which are expected within a week)-- but whether new drivers will run in 
other color depths than 24-bit is unknown.

If you are running such a card using such a driver, you might consider 
switching temporarily to the VESA driver, which provides no 3D 
acceleration (but you don't need it for this program anyway, I don't 
think), but which does allow you to change your color depth.

Sorry I can't do better, but maybe I'm completely off the mark and this 
is not your problem at all.

> And the meter displays do not work. I have tried adjusting the color 
> depth in linux to no avail. When I set the color depth to 8 bit (just to 
> see what happens) Goldwave tells me it must have at least 16 bit.
> I am running FC2 on a dual boot system with Windows ME and I have the 
> most recent version of wine (20041201) and wine tools 209.
> Any thoughts?

See above; apparently the program needs 16-bit specifically in order to 

> Also, the software has trouble with my USB soundcard, it finds the 
> soundcard but says it can't load the driver.
> Again, any thoughts?

Sorry, no; I know nothing about USB, much less under Wine (no USB 
devices-- yay, me ;-) !)
> It is really impressive what this project is doing and what I am able to 
> do with wine.
> Thanks much,
> Leon


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