[Wine]Size of window-in-window; usb link to dosdev?

Kristian Niemi kristian.niemi at helsinki.fi
Sat Jan 8 04:05:04 CST 2005


I'm trying to get a program, Polar Precision Performance, to work in 
wine; using 20041201 and config from sidenet.

The things is that PPP opens up like a `little desktop' in itself: 
there's windows inside of the main window. The main window I can easily 
resize or mange with "Desktop" = "..." and/or "Manager" = "Y/N", but the 
problem is those `little windows'. If I run the program managed (by the 
window manager), then I can resize the main window, but not those little 
windows -- think of them as a settings-dialog: a window with multiple 
tabs where you can set options etcetera.

Another problem is that I'd really need to get USB to work. I know wine 
doesn't do that, but is it possible to `cheat' wine? Like for instance 
by linking a USB-device to dosdevices/com...? I guess it depends on if 
USB-ports communicate in a different way than parallel ports; do they?

h: Kristian
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