[Wine]Still Newbie: 16 bit application in wine?

Charles Stroom charles at stremen.xs4all.nl
Sat Jan 8 14:53:10 CST 2005

I am still struggling my DRWBOARD installation in Wine.  I tried
the suggestions (cd to directory), but it does not work: it starts,
it "cannot find the file *.FEB" (although the file DWGBOARD.FEB
exists).  I have made a symbolic link DWGBOARD.FEB in each and
every directory of the "c:\" drive to the existing DWGBOARD.FEB
file: no change.

And when I click OK in the window, the wine-db starts:

wine: Unhandled exception (thread 000f), starting debugger...
WineDbg starting on pid 0xc
fixme:dbghelp:SymLoadModule should have successfully loaded some debug information for image C:\Programme\dwgboard\DWGBOARD.EXE
Unhandled exception: page fault in 16-bit code (1247:cf26).
Register dump:
 CS:1247 SS:162f DS:162f ES:1b27 FS:003b GS:0033
 IP:cf26 SP:d5a8 BP:d61e FLAGS:0202(   - 00      - -RI1)
 AX:0000 BX:1f88 CX:0083 DX:5f30 SI:0000 DI:0000
Stack dump:
0x416b88b0:  162f 0000 0000 0000 d6d2 2c06 1247 d6ea
0x416b88c0:  162f 0083 0026 0000 0000 0000 1b00 0028
0x416b88d0:  0001 162f 1bdf b4e8 1bdf bb30 1bdf afc8
02c5: sel=162f base=416ab308 limit=0000e91f 16-bit rw-
0364: sel=1b27 base=41b20000 limit=0000ffff 16-bit rw-
=>1 0x1247:0xcf26 (0x162f:0xd61e)
  2 0x1007:0x0000 Call16_Ret_Start in kernel32 (0x162f:0xd658)
  3 0x404ea332 K32WOWCallback16Ex+0xd2 in kernel32 (0x41665b14)
  4 0x4079ac67 WINPROC_CallWndProc16+0x197 in user32 (0x41665e3c)
  5 0x4079e82a CallWindowProcW+0x27a in user32 (0x4166634c)
  6 0x407d8151 call_window_proc+0xe1 in user32 (0x416663b0)
  7 0x407db330 SendMessageTimeoutW+0x180 in user32 (0x41666414)
  8 0x407db38f SendMessageW+0x4f in user32 (0x41666440)
  9 0x40a605f4 X11DRV_SetWindowPos+0x4f4 in x11drv (0x41666578)
  10 0x40797f30 SetWindowPos+0xf0 in user32 (0x416665dc)
  11 0x40a5f631 X11DRV_ShowWindow+0x141 in x11drv (0x41666638)
  12 0x4079855e ShowWindow+0x7e in user32 (0x4166665c)
  13 0x40796009 WIN_CreateWindowEx+0xb59 in user32 (0x416667d8)
  14 0x40796ffc CreateWindowExA+0x8c in user32 (0x41666930)
  15 0x4077a6da MDIClientWndProc_common+0x70a in user32 (0x41666a30)
  16 0x4077b869 MDIClientWndProcA+0x59 in user32 (0x41666a48)
  17 0x4079a677 WINPROC_wrapper+0x17 in user32 (0x41666a6c)
  18 0x4079b9c8 WINPROC_CallWndProc+0x68 in user32 (0x41666aac)
  19 0x407a079f __wine_call_wndproc_32A+0x7f in user32 (0x41666af0)
  20 0x407a1ece CallWindowProc16+0xde in user32 (0x41666b20)
  21 0x407de5b2 SendMessage16+0x142 in user32 (0x41666b74)
  22 0x40754c59 __wine_user_exe_CallFrom16_p_long_wwwl+0x29 in user32 (0x41666b8c)
  23 0x404eb2bc __wine_call_from_16_long+0x94 in kernel32 (0x41666bbc)
  24 0x123f:0xe199 (0x162f:0xd690)
  25 0x123f:0xe81f (0x162f:0xd6d8)
  26 0x1247:0xf2f1 (0x162f:0xd712)
  27 0x1247:0xac9c (0x162f:0xd71a)
  28 0x1207:0x0c03 (0x162f:0xd722)
  29 0x11ff:0x8b43 (0x162f:0xd8bc)
  30 0x11f7:0x025c (0x162f:0xd8d4)
  31 0x123f:0xe943 (0x162f:0xd8dc)
  32 0x11f7:0x0666 (0x162f:0xd908)
  33 0x1257:0x6005 (0x162f:0xd91a)
  34 0x1257:0x2fa5 (0x162f:0x0000)
0x1247:0xcf26: lesw     0xfffffffa(%bp),%bx

Any more suggestions?


Charles Stroom

email: charles at stremen dot xs4all dot nl

------- Original Message

on  Wed, 05 Jan 2005 00:29:41 +0100
Joachim von Thadden <thadden at web.de> wrote:
> Am Mi, Jan 05, 2005 at 12:08:37 +0100 schrieb Charles Stroom:
> > I have included the following statements in my config file:
> looks good
> > There exist a "DWGBOARD.FEB" file in the program directory, so I do not 
> > understand why the program is unable to find the file (it has ugo read 
> > permission).  I checked the original installation (Windows 2000 under vmwar
> > and there exist no other *.FEB file.
> Some apps like it to be called from their installation directory. Did
> you try to cd to this directory first? Sometimes you als need to give
> them the path in Windows notation. Try something like
> cd ~/.wine/drive_c/pathtodrawingboard
> wine c:\\pathtodrawingboard
> Use \\ for every windows slash you need.
> > so far.  I start to have some hope to get rid of vmware.
> There is also qemu if you just want a cheap solution to run your
> software. It works good with Win98 and is somehow slow but if you
> software is not too graphic driven it might work.
> Regards
> 	Joachim
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> "Never touch a running system! Never run a touching system?
>           Never run a touchy system!!!"
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