[Wine]Wine crashes when running Trickster. Problem with dialog boxes and charset...

Eddahbi Karim thetemplar at free.fr
Sun Jan 9 02:35:53 CST 2005


I have some problems (quite obvious, huh ?) with a game named Trickster.

I installed it like described on my Howto
( http://wiki.jswindle.com/index.php/Wine_Trickster ).

The problem is when I launch the game, an error appear (in Japanese but
the charset used currently don't display the character correctly).

Is there a way to change the charset to ISO-2022-JP or SHIFT-JIS so I
could display japanese character correctly (I have the fonts to display
Japanese characters)

Then if I click on [OK] in the dialog box displaying the error in Alien,
wine crashes and the debugger comes after some seconds but quit

I've put the log on my webspace because it's a bit large :

I'm using Wine 20041201, using Ubuntu's package available on the Wine's
APT repository. I use a virtual windows installation configured with the
Winetools. I've followed the Base Steps and the "Install Windows
software" steps except the one involving the "Windows Installer" because
a dialog box warned me that it could break things.

Here is my configuration file :


Eddahbi Karim <thetemplar at free.fr>

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