[Wine]file associations in wine

Rainer Haake marauder at marauder-online.de
Mon Jan 10 12:20:12 CST 2005

hi there

first of all, please excuse my poor english...
I know I can associate a file extension in wine with a linux application like 
i did for .sxw in this .reg-file:


@="C:\\windows\\command\\start.exe kdestart.exe \"%1\""

where kdestart.exe is a link to the following script:

i=`winepath -u "$*"`
kfmclient exec "$i"

so now sxw-files open in OpenOffice like I wanted. But now I would like to 
have a file association to each filetype unknown to wine, so that all these 
files will be openend with the corresponding KDE programs. I tried:

@="C:\\windows\\command\\start.exe kdestart.exe \"%1\""

because i thought that would be the default file association, but it doesn't 

Is this possible? It would be a great step for the integration of wine with 
KDE (or GNOME, because a similar script could be developed)

thanks for any help


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