[Wine]correctly uninstalling/reinstalling wine?

Angela Burrell angela at jobsearchnetwork.ca
Tue Jan 11 10:50:09 CST 2005

My personal strategy, for those who are interested...

I have my hard disk partitioned into two sections (you could also do a
separate folder)
One for linux and all my applications (/)
One for my old Windows files, and programs installed for Wine (like
Dreamweaver) (/windows)

So installing/uninstalling wine, or even Linux itself, has no effect on what
is stored in my separate Windows partition.

This is great because the actual files like Word documents and Dreamweaver
files, as well as folders like /Windows/system really have nothing to do
with the wine program itself, so keeping them separate is what works for me.

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Maybe there's some strategy for setting up the actual drive locations
of installed programs that could survive this? Maybe a directory for
C:\Program Files that's not actually under .wine and pointed to by a
link? Much appreciated if we can capture the registry settings so that
Window apps would find what they expect.

If you guys could come up with some ways to do this, document it and
get it into WineTools that would be really great. (Nothing like a
small challenge, 'eh?) ;-)

- Mark

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