[Wine]correctly uninstalling/reinstalling wine?

Joachim von Thadden thadden at web.de
Tue Jan 11 16:21:54 CST 2005

Am Di, Jan 11, 2005 at 11:32:31 -0500 schrieb Angela Burrell:
> 1. "Uninstall packaged versions first."
>    Perhaps this could be expanded for new users in your documentation (as
> I'm sure you have thought of this). To find out if I still had the packaged
> version installed (I don't remember if I uninstalled it, this was months
> ago) I ran this command "rpm -qa | grep wine" is that correct? Then to
> uninstall it if it is there, it's "rpm ..." what? Thanks.

rpm -e wine

Is there somebody out there who can tell my why it is so good to compile
Wine yourself? There are binaries on winehq for almost every version,
architecture, distribution and packet manager. And these install also
default .wine directories during first startup with reasonable defaults
for the specialities of the distribution they are for.

"Never touch a running system! Never run a touching system?
          Never run a touchy system!!!"

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