[Wine]Connection problems and weird WinSock warnings...

Eddahbi Karim thetemplar at free.fr
Wed Jan 12 03:30:42 CST 2005

Le samedi 08 janvier 2005 à 13:17 +0000, Eddahbi Karim a écrit :

> trace:winsock:WS_gethostbyname "droganor.no-ip.com" ret 0x40435c18
> trace:winsock:WS_socket af=2 type=1 protocol=0
> trace:winsock:WSASocketA af=2 type=1 protocol=0 protocol_info=(nil) group=0 flags=0x1
> trace:winsock:WSASocketA         created 0148
> trace:winsock:WS_ioctlsocket socket 0148, cmd 8004667e, ptr 0x408afabc
> trace:winsock:WS_connect socket 0148, ptr 0x64c0e0 { family 2, address
>, port 6900 }, length 16

I've found the answer to the problem. See below, if you're reading the

The resolution of this address "droganor.no-ip.com" is totally wrong.

It seems that Winsock try to etablish a connection with ""
but this is NOT the IP of the DNS "droganor.no-ip.com".

I tried to change this DNS by another one which maps the same IP and
Winsock tried to etablish a connection with another different IP.

But only this game client has this problem. Internet Explorer resolve
DNS correctly. And the official game client hasn't any DNS support so it
uses an IP and Wine's Winsock interface handles it correctly.

So, here comes...

The Solution

Use a game client (Sakray) without DNS support. Then unpack the .grf
packages (Unpack the game's package then the update package) with
grftool ( http://openkore.sourceforge.net/grftool/ ) in the Ragnarok
Online folder, go to data/, edit the sclientinfo.xml and change the DNS
address by the IP corresponding, launch the client and enjoy the game !

I hope it will help someone.


Eddahbi Karim <thetemplar at free.fr>

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