[Wine]Using Printer

Don Flinn flinn at alum.mit.edu
Mon Jan 17 10:57:17 CST 2005

>> My printer is listed in /etc/cups/printers.conf and I can print from
>> programs running outside wine, so I assume cups is working ok.  I must
>> be missing some setup internal to wine.  I am using wine 20041201.  The
>> programs I'm trying to run under wine say that no printer is installed
>> and when I go to the printer setup in, for example quickbooks, it tells
>> me to go to windows and install the printer.  I checked some other
>> programs running under wine and I can't print from them also.

>I already mentioned this is an another mail, but I guess the problem is that 
>you haven't installed the cups-devel pakage. If you're compiling  from source 
>it must be installed. 



I'm sorry Stefan; I misread your former instructions.  I thought I had all of 
the cups packages installed.  Installing cups-devel and rebuilding wine  
did the trick and printing from wine now works.


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