[Wine]clobbered config file

Sven Paschukat Sven.Paschukat at t-online.de
Mon Jan 17 13:28:09 CST 2005

Hello Joachim!

> I can not see the problem. Try it again. Sometimes people tell that you
> have to wait a little time after installing DCOM before you continue
> with IE6 setup. I am considering inserting a delay.

The command
	wineserver -w
waits until the wineserver ends. Maybe you can do a
	WINESERVERCOUNT=`ps -A|grep -c -h wineserver`
	if test $WINESERVERCOUNT -ge 1;then
		echo Please make sure that there are no wine
		echo apps running.
before the wineserver command.

> Do you use wine-20041019? This version is best tested with WineTools.
> 2005-versions are not tested yet.

I've tested wine 20050111 with the in our windows app integrated ie. 
There was a dead lock at the end of the installation after the reboot. 
If you have same problems, try a native rpcrt4.dll and a win98 version 
for the pstores.exe.

And furthermore - if it's useful for your winetools - the command
	wine ie6setup.exe /C:"ie6wzd.exe /M:0 /S:""#e"
let the ie setup installing just minimal components.


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