[Wine]setup_exception stack overflow

John Van Workum jdvw at tticluster.com
Mon Jan 17 15:13:14 CST 2005


I'm relatively new to Wine and not much of a Windows guy. I have a in-house
application that I'm trying to run under wine. I can pass an option for the
number of threads I want to run. It's console based. I compiled Wine from the
latest source; RedHat 8.0; gcc 3.2.

I can run 50 threads cleanly. But if I increase to 100 or more, I consistently
get this error:

err:seh:setup_exception stack overflow 2960 bytes in thread 0054 eip 2e2f2e2e
esp 46f86470 stack 0x46f86000-0x47086000

I believe this error is coming from Wine. I compiled Wine from the latest
source. Is there something in Wine that I can configure to prevent this error?

Thank you,

John Van Workum

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