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Hiji hijinio at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 27 10:42:11 CST 2005

--- Joris Huizer <jorishuizer at planet.nl> wrote:

> ½Bî¶ §ºµth£Ñ½ wrote:
> > Hi, the Wine program seems great.  I run Eudora in
> WinXP, and this 
> > program will enable me to run Eudora in Fedora 3
> and use the same 
> > mailboxes via Captive-NTFS - and so I will always
> have my email up-to-date.
> > 
> > I have one big concern: viruses.  Is it possible
> for me to get infected 
> > with a virus using Wine?  If I got infected, how
> well could the virus 
> > infect my system?  Meaning, I plan to install
> Captive-NTFS , so if I 
> > have a virus, could it write to relevent Windows
> files etc. on my 
> > mounted NTFS partition?  If I get a virus, how
> easy would it be to clean 
> > it - could I just run like AVG or something and
> that would take care of it?
> > 
> > (I'm still getting used to Linux!)
> > 
> > Thanks a ton!!
> It really depends - if the virus uses a kernel issue
> changes are small 
> it'll work on Wine (as the change of having exactly
> the same mistake in 
> both windows kernel code and wine code is, well,
> small ;)) - but if it's 
> using bugs of the program being run than it might
> work just the same as 
> on a real windows environment.
> Using a fake windows directory is encouraged as Wine
> might otherwise 
> have troubled with windows registeries being filled
> with unknown trash; 
> also by using one or multiple fake windows
> directories, you can avoid 
> loosing any real information caused by virus
> activity - then, if you got 
> infected, you'd just remove the infected directories
> and grab the fresh copy

You're just in luck.  Somebody on the wine-devel alias
just posted this article! :)


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