[Wine]DC++ 0.668 - Annoying "tooltips"

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Fri Jan 28 00:05:42 CST 2005

> Hmmm, I get similar phenomona from my KDE 3.3 desktop - descriptions of icons will come up like they're supposed to, then not necessarily disappear. Perhaps some prb with video drivers?
> David
> gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Hello David,
  I cannot confirm this here - KDE/Qt tooltips, as well gtk2 ones, simply all
native Linux implementations, are behaving correctly here, disappearing as
they should. Interesting is the situation in wine - for example, MS word 97's
tooltips are working perfectly, but tooltips in its Open File dialog window
aren't - they show rectangles instead of letters and they exhibit the same bugs
as DC++'s tooltips, until the dialog window is closed. So I cannot even
generalize this that ALL tooltips from programs run by wine are wrong.
  So it seems that maybe You have another but similar problem.
                               With regards, Pavel

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