[Wine]DC++ 0.668 - Annoying 'tooltips'

Gregory L. Harris glharris at panix.com
Fri Jan 28 07:27:46 CST 2005

David wrote:

> Pavel Troller wrote:
>>>Hmmm, I get similar phenomona from my KDE 3.3 desktop - descriptions of
>>> icons will come up like they're supposed to, then not necessarily
>>> disappear. Perhaps some prb with video drivers?
>> Hello David,
>>   I cannot confirm this here - KDE/Qt tooltips, as well gtk2 ones,
>> simply all
>> native Linux implementations, are behaving correctly here, disappearing
>> as
>> they should. Interesting is the situation in wine - for example, MS word
>> 97's
>> tooltips are working perfectly, but tooltips in its Open File dialog
>> window
>> aren't - they show rectangles instead of letters and they exhibit the
>> same bugs
>> as DC++'s tooltips, until the dialog window is closed. So I cannot even
>> generalize this that ALL tooltips from programs run by wine are wrong.
>>   So it seems that maybe You have another but similar problem.
> Probably so. I suppose it could be some interaction within WINE, I'm
> completely puzzled why it would behave properly at one seemingly
> identical place on screen, and not properly at another place.
Just a data point. I observed the lingering tooltips artifacts with Forte
Agent (2.mumble). A tootip lingering from the menu-level toolbar would
disappear only if another tooltip from that toolbar was created. I was
able to use that behavior to displace the annoyance to another spot on the
screen if a scrollbar or something else was obscured.

A tooltip also was created from hovering on a status bar at the bottom of
the Agent program window. As I was running it maximized, this tooltip
hovered annoyingly over the KDE taskbar (panel? kicker? I don't recall at
the moment which is which -- a separate annoyance) and I did not happen on
a way to swap that one for another in a different spot. (At the time, I
was tracking down some information and did not really have a chance to
take a bug-checking perspective, which makes this less useful than it
should be.)

This was using Wine 20050111 installed from a Mandrakesoft rpm on an
up-to-date cooker box using the stock Xorg driver for an old Nvidia card.
I've not had a chance yet to check for similar behavior from other
applications under Wine. I don't recall seeing this behavior from Agent
under Windows, but it's been a while since I've used it there, so that
might be worth confirming. I'm not at that box at the moment. I'm inclined
to discount video drivers as the cause (but then I'm quite often quite
wrong, and that's really annoying <g>).

It would be nice to see this solved, but I'm grateful for the hard work of
others to have something this amazingly functional.

Greg Harris

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