[Wine]Re: Virus Question

James E. LaBarre jamesl at bestweb.net
Fri Jan 28 11:01:35 CST 2005

>½Bî¶ §ºµth£Ñ½ wrote:
> Beware : there still ain't a free (as in speech) 
> ntfs filesystem, and I'm a bit wary of growing dependant
> of a closed-source kernel module...
> May I suggest to reverse your setup, and to install 
> an ext2/3 filesystem driver on your Windows partition
> and to install your shared (Windows|Linux) files
> on such a partition, safely readable/writable from 
> Linux and Windows (as far as ona can do something
> safely on Windows, of course...).

I've discussed the same possibility on another mailing list, but as far as
anyone knows, there *is* no OSS Win32 driver to provide read/write support
for any OSS filesystems.  I certainly would like to see support for some
*JOURNALED* FS in Windows (ext3, ReiserFS, JFS, XFS, whatever).  Journaled
is important, of course, since Windows is more likely to trash your data

The only Win32 support I've found is Paragon's commercial product Ext2FS
Anywhere  ( http://www.ext2fs-anywhere.com/index.htm ).  I've considered it
myself, although I'm concerned it won't maintain the journals on EXT3, thus
not meeting one of the more important criteria.

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