David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Sat Jan 29 13:47:33 CST 2005

This one may well be the first fully capable audio/midi DAW program to work in 
both Windows and Linux. This is because it is not based on Microsoft's 
framework. I got the freebie while this offer was around. Version 2 is 
supposed to come out soon.

(I presently use Cakewalk Home Studio--Sonar's not so little sister and a lot 
of bang for the buck. I have gotten used to drawing automation envelopes 
rather than attempting to record them. Traktion offers recording only.)

The program almost works using WINE but if it can be gotten to work this way, 
I would not expect acceptable audio performance. I would love to see it play, 
though. Two problems persist:

1. Child pop-up menus do not appear, rendering most functions unaccessible 
including finding a file to open. Others have reported and not reported this 
problem so may be fixable.

2. The program detects MIDI devices properly allowing WINE (using alsa or OSS 
interfaces) to feed it the correct devices. It detects audio devices by 
looking for drivers in the windows directory. How do I know? It finds a 
Delta44 asio driver even though I do not have the card, just the file. This 
is a very bad and unportable approach, obviously.

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