[Wine]pictures printed upside down and mirorred

Charles Stroom charles at stremen.xs4all.nl
Sun Jan 30 16:13:54 CST 2005

Hi all,

one of my applications (Breezebrowser) runs fine under wine (it's
a digital picture cataloging system), but when I want to make
prints, either thumbnails or a single picture, the pictures are
printed upside down and mirorred.  So I have to turn the paper 180
degrees and look thru against light, which is somewhat confusing.
The preview print on screen is OK!  Also the print is OK if I run
Breezebrowser under VMware.

I have no such problems with jpg's included in a Word document,
so I suspect somewhere the application itself, but also that is a
weird thought.

Has the community any thoughts where to look to solve this odd
behaviour?  Many thanks.

Charles Stroom

email: charles at stremen dot xs4all dot nl

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