[Wine]Installing Wine

Bill Boulineau boulinea at dwave.net
Sun Jan 30 16:38:19 CST 2005

I am a newbie and trying to install Wine-20050111-i486-S10.gz.  I untarred
it, I think, and it created several directories in my Home/Wine folder.  I
can't get the ./tools/wineinstall to work though, it keeps telling me there
is no such file or folder.  I am in the same directory with the Readme file.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have read all the instructions I
can find on installing wine, have the .pdf file, and have read the Readme
file several times.
    Should I do a 'compile' or can I use the ./tools/wineinstall?  I am
trying to run Wine with Slackware ver. 10.  I am running W98SE, Duron 1100,
256mb Ram, 2-40gb HD, Slackware is installed on a 6gb partition with a 1gb
swapfile.  Thanks.-Bill
Bill Boulineau
Antigo, WI
boulinea at dwave.net

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