[Wine]ANSI terminal emulation re:Was WineTools problems

sean funk sfunk1x at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 11:47:37 CST 2005

Actually, I killed the windows drive/install via WineTools and then 
reinstalled everything going from top to bottom and had far better luck 
this time, although it took about 3 tries to get IE installed properly. 
Everything else went in schmoothly though, and I can run all of the 
Windows apps I've tried except IE, and outlook, which attempt to run but 
give the error:

Wine 20050111
wine is executed as "setarch i386 wine"
Parameters are ""

but I can run some other terminal programs.

One question, is there an option to make Wine display ANSI graphics/text 
properly? I thougth I saw an option for terminal emulation in the conf 
file, but looked again this morning and couldn't find it. Right now I'm 
trying to run a telnet terminal program but ANSI isn't being displayed 


> Any reason other than lack of time to test? More curiosity than
> anything else.
> FYI, I have:
> [ccurley at charlesc ~]$ pre wine
> winetools-2.1.0-jo
> wine-20041201-1fc3winehq
> and it runs well enough to get DeLorme Street Atlas running.

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