[Wine]wine freeze by clicking in "input-field"

Martin Michel martin.michel at gmx.de
Fri Jul 1 08:22:28 CDT 2005


Im trying to use a special program ("afsfakt") for my company
with wine.
The program starts and works good
but if I click with my mouse into a "input-field" wine is
freezing. In this moment the CPU is going up to 100% - wine
takes it all. Only a winserver -k stops it. Wine shows no
error in this moment.
Navigation with the Keybord ist ok. Clicking on Buttons etc.
is ok.
I´ve started to load all used DLL as native but nothing helps.
I´ve dealed with managed or unmanaged windows-no effects.

At starttime of the program I get this errors:

fixme:toolhelp:InterruptRegister16 (11cf, 0x11df00c2), stub.
fixme:int21:DOSVM_Int21Handler SetSystemTime(15:18:25.00): not allowed

I´ve tried to load "toolhelp" native but it doesn´t works (only builtin)

Has anybody an idea or a hint where to look or what to do to
fix this problem?

My System is
SuSe 9.2
Wine 20040813


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