[Wine]Problem with paths when trying to run TLE

Roger Young r.young at irl.cri.nz
Fri Jul 1 22:51:57 CDT 2005

I have not been able to run "The Last Express" under recent Wine versions
so went back to 20040615. The game installs alright
as far as I can make out except that there is a warning "Could not create the 
program folder". The TLE directory is created (C:\Program Files\The Last Express) 

	wine d:\\setup.exe

brings up the TLE play screen. If I then try to "play" I get the
following error message

	Error: Save game file "Files\The" is not named correctly
	(blue.egg, red.egg etc) or is not located in the same directory
	as the game.

The error message suggests that the directory path is not being parsed
correctly ("Files" from <Program Files> and "The" from <The Last Express>)
The config file is the default. /dev/cdrom mounted on /cdrom and is 
unhidden in /etc/fstab. /cdrom is soft-linked to d:

Thanks for any suggestions,


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