[Wine]Printing simply DOES NOT WORK; print dialog just stays open

Rainer Lay rainer.lay at gmx.de
Sun Jul 3 13:42:17 CDT 2005

Hiji wrote:
> --- Rainer Lay <rainer.lay at gmx.de> wrote:
>>regarding this old message:
>>>Am Sam, Mär 20, 2004 at 04:40:10 -0500 schrieb
>>>>Nopers, and it FREAKS OUT when I go into Printer
>>Setup and select a page
>>>>orientation (e.g. Portrait)
>>>Hmmm, seems that you first have to learn how to
>>configure printing? Look
>>>in the Documentation section on winehq for that.
>>If you use Cups
>>>everything is done for you otherwise add something
>>like this to your
>>>"XXX" =
>>>where XXX is the name of your printer from
>>printcap and the ppd ios the
>>>example from the wine sources.
>>>        Joachim
>>>"Never touch a running system! Never run a
>>touching system?
>>>          Never run a touchy system!!!"
>>I still have this problem, although I am using cups!
>>any idea?
>>My config: SuSE 9.3, wine-20050211-4
>>Configured windows version: "win98" (with winetools
>>kind regards,
> If you have compiled from source, you need to make
> sure you have installed cups-devel before compiling. 
> cups-devel does not come with suse 9.3 (at the version
> I had.)
> Hiji

I used the rpm from SuSE. And I see the cups printers, I only cannot use

rgds, Rainer

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