[Wine]ALSA and MIDI

Ian Goldby ian.goldby at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 16:16:22 CDT 2005

Can anyone help me get MIDI working with Wine please? I'm on
wine-20050628, which I installed with the ./tools/wineinstall script.
It's a pure wine installation. (I have a Windows ME partition, but I'm
not using it.)

I'm using ALSA with Linux 2.6.x. I installed Band in a Box - according
to the application DB this works under wine, and indeed, it does load
and display the main window correctly. But it then pops up a message
box saying "There are no MIDI output drivers installed."

I go into MIDI Driver Setup and make sure that the output driver is
'Wine midi mapper'. Pressing 'Get Output driver info' reports "This
driver outputs to the MIDI Mapper (in the control panel). Driver Name:
Wine midi mapper. Manufacturer ID = 255, Product ID=1 Driver Version

Where is the 'control panel'? Neither the wine Control Panel nor
Configuration programs have anything about MIDI in them. (All I have
in Control Panel is Internet Options.) I have a .wine/config file, but
as it says, this file is ignored in wine >= 200506*.

I have MIDI working in the normal Linux environment - e.g. kmid plays,
and pmidi -p 72:0 file.mid plays. I feel I must be so close, but I
don't know where to look next. (I've searched the usual places for
help of course.)

What do I need to set up? Thanks in advance.


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