[Wine]Question about drives

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 15:37:12 CDT 2005

Hi Jo,
   I don't think I have the right stuff installed to check this for
sure but I seem to remember that there are settings in the config file
that allow you to tell wine whether to follow sym links or not. Here's
an example of one comment I found in the CX Office config file:

; Wine doesn't pass directory symlinks to Windows programs by default.
; Note that if a directory symbolic link points back to itself,
; then enabling this option will crash programs (typically installers)
; that do recursive lookups of a whole directory tree.
;;"ShowDirSymlinks" = "1"
;;"ShowDotFiles" = "1"

Hope this helps,

On 7/7/05, linuxgirlie <linuxgirlie at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am setting up wine for use with students in a school.
>  So far it works as a generic system in /usr/share/windowsapps/.wine
>  When the student logs in they get a sym-link created in their area that
> points to this....all is working fine....
>  But when they go to save in say Microsoft Word, they get access to the
> whole .wine folder by following the sym-links. I know that these are coming
> from 'dos devices' but is there anyway of removing them, or better still
> just hiding them from the users, and if I do, will this cause any problems
> for the any software I run???
>  Another problem I am having is setting up a sym-link for My Documents. I
> need the default saving place changed and the only way I could think of
> doing it was creating a sym-link instead of the My Documents folder. This
> will need to point to $HOME/network 
>  Thanks in advance for any help that can be given...
>  Jo
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