[Wine]Screen refresh slowness

Peter Birch plbirch at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 7 21:33:15 CDT 2005

I have been using The Semware Editor on Linux using Wine for a little 
more than four years.  It is a plain ascii text editor that displays 
everything in one font.  It has been flawless under wine, thank you all 
very much.  I have always been building my copy of wine from the current 
CVS repository.  Recently some change was made that really really slowed 
down the screen repainting when a lot of text is displayed - say 60 rows 
of 200 columns.  When I scroll the text file I am editing it is very 
very slow to refresh the entire display.  I used to see this exact 
behavior when I had set the following config items:

"ClientSideWithRender" = "Y"
"ClientSideWithCore" = "Y"

When I set these both to "N" I would get very fast page refreshes.

Now I suppose the config file is no longer used, is the server side font 
rendering lost with it or is there some way to get the speed back for 
me?  Possible it is some other change, does anyone have any ideas for me?

Thanks very much,

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