[Wine]june 2005 release and 'registry' ?

Dan Sawyer dansawyer at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 9 00:37:10 CDT 2005

Is there a way to cause winecfg to assume the contents of the config 
file on initiation?

Brian Vincent wrote:

>On 7/8/05, Hiji <hijinio at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>How are DLL overrides done in winecfg?
>What may not be obvious is the "Applications" tab in winecfg is tied
>to the other tabs.  We should probably add a sentence in the
>description of that tab to briefly explain it links to other ones
>(inc. "Graphics").  In fact, I'm procrastinating, so maybe I'll just
>try to submit a patch for that.
>So if you want to change systemwide overrides:
>1) Select "Default Settings" in the Applications tab.  
>2) Then move to the "Libraries" tab and enter the name of the DLL in
>"New override" box, such as "msi.dll" and click on "Add".
>3) "Edit" the load order as necessary in the box below.  
>If you want to change the override for one application, "Add" the new
>application in the "Applications" tab, select it on that tab, and then
>move to "Libraries" to create an override.  If you update to the
>latest CVS you'll see a different Libraries tab than what was in
>wine-20050628 and it follows what I described above.  The layout is
>different in wine-20050628, but it's essentially the same concept.
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