[Wine]june 2005 release and 'registry' ?

Felix Nawothnig felix.nawothnig at t-online.de
Sat Jul 9 00:01:16 CDT 2005

Brian Vincent wrote:
> What may not be obvious is the "Applications" tab in winecfg is tied
> to the other tabs.  

The current design is totally braindead from a usability standpoint:

* As you pointed out it's not very intuitive that selecting an item in
   the first tab affects the semantics of the other tabs (even if it
   would be documented).

* It's not clear which settings are global-only - we could disable the
   controls but it would still be confusing IMHO. Also the drives tab
   will probably never contain any per-app settings so we would have to
   disable the whole tab. Silly.

* All per-app settings really need exactly one more option - "don't
   override" (inherit from global). This is not doable with the current

I'll submit a preliminary patch (introducing the not yet configurable 
DSound settings) showing how I think this should be done later today.


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