[Wine]june 2005 release and 'registry' ?

Peter Birch plbirch at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 9 22:20:35 CDT 2005

Thanks... I don't mind change but I prefer it to be forward.  In my 
opinion only: wine is not a windows application so that it needs to use 
the registry and the registry sucks as far as maintainability. My 
.wine/config had 232 lines and most of them were comments, things were 
well organized and easy to find.  If I export my registry via regedit I 
have over 6000 lines with NO comments and this is with NO MS-Windows 
applications installed.  I have looked for my config file keys and they 
just are not in the registry.  Is there a document in CVS someplace that 
I can read to better inform me on these changes and what to add or 
change in the registry to get wine configured how it used to be for me 
(other than grepping the source code looking for every registry query 
and trying to puzzle it out?)  I have looked for this document also and 
not found one but hey; I can walk right by something that I am looking 
for in the hardware store and not see it there either.


James Hawkins wrote:

>On 7/9/05, Peter Birch <plbirch at earthlink.net> wrote:
>>There are a very large number of options that were in the config file
>>that are not in winecfg.  Some of these options made a big difference as
>>far as performance went for some of the applications I use.
>These options can be altered using regedit.

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