[Wine]june 2005 release and 'registry' ?

Mike Hearn mh at codeweavers.com
Sun Jul 10 07:07:39 CDT 2005

On Sat, 2005-07-09 at 14:46 -0700, Dan Sawyer wrote:
> I am trying to run m$office. Below is an override pattern including
> the preference for 'native' for all non essential dll's. How can these
> be implemented? How can the default be set to native? 

You can't do that easily but then again, you shouldn't have to. That
list contains most DLLs that Office will use, it'd be far easier to
simply specify the ones that need to be native rather than have a huge
list of builtin DLLs then set the rest to be native.

I'd suggest using WineTools for this sort of thing, or buying Crossover.

thanks -mike

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