[Wine](MAJOR!!!) Problem with winecfg

Alex Ferguson b_linuz at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 12 17:06:54 CDT 2005


I'm using the latest version of Wine, and I have to
say, I'm quite lost without the config file.But
anyways, I'm having a problem with the winecfg
utility.When I change, let's say, my sound settings
and apply them, It tells me (If I opened winecfg from
the terminal and left it open) this:

"err:winecfg:set_config_key Unable to set
configuration key Audio in section Drivers to oss,

...without the quotes.I tried running it as
super-user, in case it's a permission related problem
but nope, not a thing.I'm not all that experienced at
Linux or Wine, so be easy on me.I'm guessing it's a
Anyways, I'm using Ubuntu 5.04, and I compiled from
source, If that's any help.The previous version worked
great, except for problems found in all 3 versions
I've compiled (No Sound and some cursor-related
problems), but, I'm fairly sure those are Ubuntu

That's all Folks! Thanks!

(Oh, and I added MAJOR on the subject line for that
extra punch.If you know what I mean.)

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