[Wine]Windows program calling another program

David Good johnny.cybermyth at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 00:26:40 CDT 2005

I saw a discussion that looked exactly like the issue that I'm having,
but turned out to be a divide by zero error instead.  I apologize if
this issue as already been addressed.

I am trying to run an IDE called MPLAB(v7.20) under wine(v20050524). 
I can get the IDE up and it will successfully call another program
called mpasmwin.exe which assembles the file.  This mpasmwin program
generates some output files and quits, but the output messages never
make it back to the MPLAB IDE.  After about 10 seconds, MPLAB outputs:

Thread would not exit normally.
Could not read language tool output from pipe. (5)

I ran the following command as it was suggested to in the other thread
that I read:
~/.wine/c$ WINEDEBUG=+process,+exec wine ./Programme/Microchip/MPLAB\

and got this:

trace:process:init_current_directory starting in L"C:\\" 0x10
trace:process:find_exe_file looking for L"./Programme/Microchip/MPLAB
trace:process:find_exe_file Trying native exe
L"C:\\Programme\\Microchip\\MPLAB IDE\\Core\\MPLAB.exe"
trace:process:__wine_kernel_init starting process
name=L"C:\\Programme\\Microchip\\MPLAB IDE\\Core\\MPLAB.exe" file=0x18
argv[0]="./Programme/Microchip/MPLAB IDE/Core/MPLAB.exe"
trace:process:__wine_kernel_init starting Win32 binary
L"C:\\Programme\\Microchip\\MPLAB IDE\\Core\\MPLAB.exe"
trace:process:CreateProcessW app (null) cmdline L"\"C:\\Program
Files\\Microchip\\MPASM Suite\\MPASMWIN.EXE\" /q /p18F8722
\"bttn.asm\" /l\"bttn.lst\" /e\"bttn.err\" /o\"bttn.o\"
trace:process:find_exe_file looking for L"C:\\Program
Files\\Microchip\\MPASM Suite\\MPASMWIN.EXE"
trace:process:find_exe_file Trying native exe L"C:\\Program
Files\\Microchip\\MPASM Suite\\MPASMWIN.EXE"
trace:process:CreateProcessW starting L"C:\\Program
Files\\Microchip\\MPASM Suite\\MPASMWIN.EXE" as Win32 binary
trace:process:init_current_directory starting in
L"H:\\projects\\pic\\demos\\bttn.zip_FILES\\" 0x14
trace:process:__wine_kernel_init starting process name=L"C:\\Program
Files\\Microchip\\MPASM Suite\\MPASMWIN.EXE" file=0x10
argv[0]="C:\\Program Files\\Microchip\\MPASM Suite\\MPASMWIN.EXE"
trace:process:__wine_kernel_init starting Win32 binary L"C:\\Program
Files\\Microchip\\MPASM Suite\\MPASMWIN.EXE"
fixme:font:load_VDMX Failed to retrieve vTable

Everything looks great to me.  No mention is made of pipes or failed
output or anything.  These messages are all that were generated and
the output window in MPLAB reported the pipe error as stated above.

I've been in contact with Microchip to try and figure out how MPLAB
and MPASMWIN are communicating so I could get a little better idea of
what to look for, but haven't  heard back anything.

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.

Johnny Cybermyth

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