[Wine]Total Annihilationcd annd map problems

Dan Stefan Rundberget dansr at start.no
Wed Jul 13 15:15:44 CDT 2005

I've heard that Total Annihilation (a fantastic game) runs in wine, 
(frankscorner.org and som other people on various malinglists). I've 
applied the 3.1 patch (ta1x-31c.exe) and tried to run the game under 
wine-20050628 in Fedora Core 4 with 2.6.11 kernel, it starts and I press 
"single", no problem, but when I try to press "new campagne" or 
"skirmish" I get asked to enter the apropriate cd, so I enter them and 
see as they automaticly mounts (as konqueror pops up with the contents 
of /media/cdrom). but I still get asked to enter the the 
CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've tried to use a noCD-patch then I got a step 
further, into the "new campagne"/"skirmish" menus, but the choose 
map/mission boxes are empty! I have OEM versiones of the game, don't 
tell me that I have to have real CDs (which are probably impossible to 
find in Norway now a days!). frankscorner.org has tested the game in 
wine-20020605, but I didn't find the sources for it to see if it worked 
properly in it. the archive in sf.net doesn't streach that far back in 
I've tried to search the mailinglist archives and google but I didn't 
find enything, so if someone har posted somthing like this before, SORRY!

PS, I'm Norwegian so please excuse my spelling.

I hope someone can help me, and thankyou in advance to enyone who helps.

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